Our Services

Our areas of expertise include business and individual coaching, mediation, leadership training, human resource management, supply-chain management, and personal security.

Personal Protection Workshops

2 to 4-hour interactive programs designed to increase awareness of potential violent threats and options to avoid, evade, confront or control the threat.

Business/Personal Growth Strategies

Facilitated discussions concepts regarding growth strategies that include but are not limited to self-reflection, value systems, intentionality, and proper goal setting.

Business Mgt Consulting

Facilitated discussions concerning three main areas: alignment of resources; configuration and integration of operating processes; and implementation of change.

Lunch and Learns

30-45 minutes sessions customized to the needs, theme, and/or mission statement of a group, typically presented during a lunch hour.

Leadership Seminars

Designed for leaders and those who follow. These sessions provide practical knowledge and a better understanding of each of the roles.

Human Resources Consulting

Integration of organizational and personal growth strategies. Policies and practices reviewed for impact on the employee.

Co-active Coaching

Coaching that respects the fundamental relationship and interactive nature between the coach and the client. It is founded on the principles that people are naturally creative; coaches should be flexible; coaching focuses on the whole person and coaching is to evoke transformation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation

(ADR) is a spectrum of less costly and more expeditious alternatives to litigation, where a neutral party assists the disputing parties in reaching a resolution. ADR allows for more creative and collaborative solutions than those of traditional litigation.

Supply Chain Consulting

Consulting services assist clients in developing solutions to shorten lead times, reduce inventories and synchronize the delivery of products and services with customers' demand. We examine the entire supply chain from raw inputs to end customers.

Build better business and transform your mindset with Tempo Group

We Transform, Empower, and Motivate People and Organizations (TEMPO) to shift their mindsets, synchronize their pace of movement with their abilities, and move toward their definitions of success.


Success Stories

``TEMPO Group supports individuals and organizations to be intentional about their progress, challenge their recognized and hidden belief systems, and capitalize...``