tempo `{`tem-poh`}` (n.) the rate or speed of motion, rhythm, or pattern of work or activity; pace

Ecclesiastes 3:1

TEMPO Group is a consultancy service focused on those factors that stand in the way of organizational and personal transformation. Our commitment to our clients’ goals is our starting point and we believe the mind, body, and spirit function together.
TEMPO Group supports individuals and organizations to be intentional about their progress, challenges their recognized and hidden belief systems, and capitalizes on their available options. We do that by paying attention to what our clients want to achieve, analyzing barriers to that success, and facilitating the development of real-time solutions. Our areas of expertise include business and individual coaching, mediation, leadership training, human resource management, supply-chain management, and personal security.

TEMPO Group’s Roots
In 1967, the late Rev. Dr. David O. Shipley, Sr. created, developed, and directed a new experimental outreach ministry in Kansas City, Missouri. The ministry’s agenda was to meet the needs of all the community’s age groups outside the walls of the church. The name selected for the new outreach program was TEMPO (Team Enrichment for Mutual Progress Organized). Rev. Shipley was TEMPO’s first Director.
In the late 1970s, Rev. Shipley and his wife, Mrs. Alberta D. Shipley, transformed the name TEMPO into TEMPO House Creative, Inc. As professional counselors, Rev. and Mrs. Shipley envisioned “…a center of renewal where hurt persons could become fully human.” They incorporated TEMPO House Creative, Inc. in Missouri, as a not-for-profit, charitable, religious and educational organization. However, Mrs. Shipley died before they operationalized the center.  Dr. Douglas Shipley founded TEMPO Group as his iteration of TEMPO and TEMPO House Creative, Inc. and as an homage to his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Shipley.


We are certified coaches. Our objective is to help you reach your purpose, vision, and goals.

Mastermind Groups

We hold Mastermind groups, which are facilitated sessions that utilize the principle of ``iron sharpens iron.``

Workshops & Seminars

We offer tailored presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs.

Meet The Team

Douglas Shipley


David Shipley

Senior Consultant